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ChargeBolt is the only Apple approved power bank provider in the UK


What is MFi?

MFi referring to  "Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad", is a licensing program for developers of hardware and software peripherals that work with Apple's iPod, iPad and iPhone. It is Apple’s patented intellectual property right.

Non-MFi chargers have been proven to burn out a very important chip on your device’s logic board called the Tristar. A damaged Tristar seriously impairs your phones ability to properly charge and cannot be fixed.

Issues with Non-MFi Chargers:

The Connector - the connector might not properly connect your device & damage the receptor in your phone 

Overheating - iPhones can get very hot, very quickly - this is because the chip is not ‘communicating’ with the phone.

Slow Charge - MFi cables outperform non-MFi cables on speed of charge


How does it work?

MFi chargers possess an E75 chip. This acts as a bodyguard to the phone's motherboard, the chip’s main job is to stop too much power getting through to the motherboard.

Non MFi chargers do not have this E75 chip and therefore let unregulated amounts of power access the iPhone’s motherboard, which leads to the Tristar chip being destroyed. Overall, you may of got a short term fix to your battery problems but in the long run you are damaging your phone battery


Apple have history of suing companies for using counterfeit Apple cables, avoid being a brand associated with counterfeit and choose ChargeBolt as your power bank station provider. Apple previously sued Amazon for allowing the sale of non MFi cables on their website.